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Diamonds continue to captivate, but consumers are changing. The economic influence and social empowerment of women is evolving rapidly all around the world and the diamond sector must respond to the new consumer landscape, and to new opportunities.

In centuries past, diamonds were viewed as the preserve of masculinity, representing strength and the immutability of power.

As the years passed, they increasingly became seen as symbols of romantic love, usually gifted by men to women.

However, while much more still needs to be done to correct the balance on gender inequality, women now occupy a much wider range of roles in society and more senior positions in the workplace. They have a more powerful voice and command a higher share of global spending than ever before. And the trend towards greater female empowerment is only set to grow further.

In this year’s Diamond Insight Report, we look at three key trends that have driven women’s social and economic empowerment, and explain how they open up new possibilities for the diamond sector.

While the industry must not become complacent about the challenges of the changing consumer landscape, the attributes and symbolism of diamonds are in fact a perfect fit for the emerging female consumer.

So, while the meaning of diamonds may be undergoing its most significant shift in decades, if we listen closely to our consumers, we can ensure that the power of diamonds to captivate hearts and minds will continue for centuries to come.