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Vision and values

Our vision and values are what underpin the way we operate

Pursuing brilliance

They guide how we deal with our customers, our people, our suppliers and our contractors. It is all part of our pursuit of brilliance.

De Beers Group is the best known diamond company in the world with a brand respected wherever diamonds are bought or sold. That brand is underpinned by our values, our vision and our strategy for achieving brilliance.

Scattered Diamonds
An employee at work

Our purpose

We have six values – put safety first, be passionate, pull together, build trust, show we care, and shape the future.

These values keep us focused on our purpose: to turn diamond dreams into lasting reality for the benefit of our customers and our stakeholders. It’s this purpose that drives us to achieve our vision of unlocking the value of our leadership position across the diamond pipeline to create a better diamond industry for all.

How do we do that? By safely and sustainably making the most of every carat we mine and sell.

Into the future

Embracing our vision and values will strengthen our brand and make our customers as proud to buy diamonds from us as we are to sell them.

Our history began with the finding of the Eureka Diamond in 1866 and the formation of our company in 1888. With our vision and values, and led by the people who manage our business, we are stepping into our future.

An employee inspecting diamonds