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Diamonds are forever, but the world of diamonds is one of constant change and evolution. At De Beers, we've built our success by constantly innovating to find new ways of benefiting our customers, stakeholders and the wider industry. Over the years, we've led the way in efficient diamond mining technology, and we've pioneered faster and more effective processing techniques. We've developed unique cutting and shaping technology, and introduced business model innovation in the form of online auction sales of rough diamonds. More than any other company, our innovations have shaped every facet of the diamond pipeline.

1 stone per second – the speed at which the IIDGR’s innovative Automated Melee Screening diamond sorting device works

Diamox – this diamond-based solution, from our Element Six business, treats even the most toxic and hazardous of industrial waste water

We're fascinated by the new challenges facing our industry. How can we engage with the Millennial generation that is so crucial to the future of the 'diamond dream'? How can we better protect a diamond’s integrity and authenticity? And how can we apply our knowledge and technology to a life beyond diamonds, to help build a better world? At De Beers, innovation is our lifeblood, and the key to our glittering future.