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A diamond
is forever
How the slogan of the
century changed the
diamond industry
1930s Diamond sales in
the US were at
an all time low
They were seen as an
extravagance for the wealthy,
and sales, already declining
for more than two decades,
had plummeted during the
Great Depression.
A Diamond is Forever
A Diamond is Forever
De Beers needed a strategy
to create a multi-faceted
demand for diamonds
In the unique position of having to
create demand for a product that
hadn't been widely marketed before.
1938 De Beers hired
advertising agency
N.W. Ayer to craft a
They were chosen for their
approach - to conduct extensive
research on social attitudes to
A Diamond is Forever
A new form of
advertising was born
The brilliant concept was to create
an emotional link to diamonds, the
sentiment being love, like
diamonds, is eternal.
1947 Frances
A copywriter on the De Beers
account at the advertising
agency N.W. Ayer solidified the
link between eternal romance
and diamonds by suggesting the
line 'A diamond is forever'.
A Diamond is Forever
These four iconic words
have been used ever since
Making it one of the longest running
and successful campaigns in history.
By 1951 8/10 brides in the United
States received a diamond
engagement ring
The engagement diamond
tradition was established.
A Diamond is Forever
An emblem
of love
'A diamond is forever'
became a symbol of enduring
love weaving itself into
popular culture and inspiring
books, films and songs.
1999 Slogan of
the century
It's no wonder Advertising Age
voted the De Beers campaign as
the top advertising slogan of the
past century.
An enduring
emblem of love:
In 2008 it was brought to the high street by
creating a range of beautiful, rare and
responsibly sourced diamonds. Each
Forevermark diamond carries its own distinct
timeless mark making it unique to the owner.
A diamond is forever
is the ultimate gem
of an idea
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