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The holding company of The De Beers Group of Companies is De Beers plc

Commercial activities

De Beers plc was originally incorporated as De Beers Société Anonyme in 2000 in Luxembourg. Following the closure of this office, the company was reclassified as De Beers plc in 2017, with its head office now located in Jersey.

Our commercial activities are carried out in different parts of the world by a range of subsidiaries, investments and joint ventures, all part of De Beers. They pay taxes and royalties to governments in the countries and jurisdictions where they operate.

We prepare independently audited annual financial statements for the holding company and the group as a whole in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

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Managing risk

We recognise that dealing with risk is an important part of our business. De Beers is governed by a risk framework through which risks in all areas of the business are identified and managed.

Each of our business units highlights all significant risks to the Board, which has devised a policy and strategy for dealing with them. In essence, we seek to reduce risk where we can’t remove it entirely.