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The SDGS and the De Beers diamond value chain

De Beers Group operates in line with international best practice and ethical business principles.

In the late 1990s, when the issue of conflict diamonds emerged, De Beers played a key role in developing the Kimberley Process. This initiative is a joint government, industry and civil society collaboration to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

De Beers also committed to address other key industry issues, such as human rights, labour, social and environmental standards.

As part of this work, in 2003 the company launched the Best Practice Principles (BPP) Programme. The BPP Programme enables De Beers to monitor its operations, customers and subcontractors for compliance against best practice ethical standards.

And in 2016, De Beers used the BPPs process to conduct an assessment of SDG awareness across its value chain. It also began mapping value chain contributions to the SDGs: