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De Beers Group is working systematically on its alignment with the SDGs. As part of this process, it is following the guidance set out in The SDG Compass – a manual for business engagement with the SDGs developed by the UN Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


Alignment with the SDGs is an ongoing journey. To achieve its goals, De Beers is increasing efforts to engage other key stakeholders across the diamond industry and value chain.

The key steps to alignment are:


To achieve successful alignment with the SDGs, a business must have a clear understanding of the goals and a strong case for engagement with them.

The business case will vary depending on where a company is located geographically, and where in the value chain it operates.


De Beers continues to build understanding of the SDGs through further mapping activities.

For example, it is extending its annual materiality assessment to include analysis of alignment between its sustainability commitments and the SDG targets. This process will allow De Beers to prioritise targets and identify opportunities for contribution, as well as any gaps for future work.


Once relevant SDGs have been identified, De Beers will set long-term sustainability targets to 2030. These targets will enable the company to monitor and share its contributions to the SDGs more clearly and effectively.

The company is also reviewing, at both Group and operational levels, its sustainability targets and programme commitments. It is working to integrate the SDGs into this review.


Existing best practice systems, processes and initiatives provide a strong foundation to support business alignment with the SDGs and integration of targets. De Beers is considering how best to use these effectively to implement and bring them to life within the business.

An example of how De Beers is integrating the SDGs across the business can be found in the following Business Fights Poverty guide: Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into Business.


De Beers will continue to tell the story of its journey to 2030, sharing learnings, encouraging collaboration and reporting on its contributions to the SDGs. It will also continue to share mapping and analysis results, which will be used for advocacy and awareness raising.

De Beers aims to increase its contribution to the SDGs by embedding them across its operations and value chain. The first step will be to encourage all value chain partners to map, identify and actively manage their impacts on the SDGs, and to determine their future SDG priorities.

The company also aims to raise the level of dialogue on the SDGs by bringing different sectors together to discuss common issues. It will encourage collaboration through events and publications.

Every individual and organisation operating across the value chain and the sector has a role to play. The SDGs provide a compelling vision of what it means to be a sustainable business. And they unite all stakeholders around a common purpose: to increase and accelerate the positive contribution diamonds can make to sustainable development.

De Beers will encourage its value chain partners to engage with the SDGs and share details of collaborations, progress and partnerships in publications and online.