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De Beers Group and its partners contribute to sustainable development through business activities, social investment, policy and advocacy across all stages of the diamond value chain.

They can also make an even greater contribution through alignment with the SDGs.


Set out here is a summary of the main activities being carried out across the value chain that directly contribute to the SDGs.

  Economic development Social development and inclusion Environmental sustainability
Core business: Contributing to economic development, through decent jobs and livelihoods, taxes, infrastructure investments, enabling economic diversification, building the skills of employees, and local procurement. Diamond revenues to partner governments in particular help to fund vital public services. Supporting social development and inclusion through workplace policies and initiatives for equality, occupational health and safety, and provision of healthcare to employees and their dependents. Protecting the environment and combating climate change by preserving local ecosystems, investing in technologies that reduce greenhouse emissions, energy and water use.
Community investment initiatives: Growth of local businesses and the diversification of local economies. 
Improved access to basic health, education and infrastructure; reduction in disease and mortality rates. Increased biodiversity and reduction in biodiversity loss.
Public advocacy and policy dialogue activities: An effective, enabling environment for business that encourages investment and job creation. Social policy reform, e.g. in health and education. Stronger policies and regulations for natural resource management and conservation.

De Beers has also conducted more detailed mapping to help benchmark current contributions. This can be viewed in the De Beers value chain Appendix, which is intended to help companies assess their contributions, identify gaps, and spot opportunities for further engagement.