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Jwaneng wins gold in Debswana’s ‘Olympics’

Scores of employees have taken part in the Intermine Games, Debswana’s ‘Olympics’, where the competition is tough but everyone’s a winner.

First prize winners: Jwaneng mine

The games, held in both Jwaneng and Orapa over the same weekend and watched by people from neighbouring villages, were a contest in such sports as tennis, football, pool, swimming, rugby, darts, softball and aerobics between Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines (OLDM), Jwaneng Mine and Debswana Corporate Centre.

First prize went to Jwaneng Mine, OLDM came second and the Debswana Corporate Centre third. However, the games were not only about winning but strengthening working relationships.

OLDM Intermine Games champion Augustine Nyatanga said: “No one is a loser in these games because the games help employees socialise, build relationship and promote healthy living. One other important thing is that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce.”

Allan Breen, ODLM General Manager, said the games were a red-letter day in Debswana’s calendar because they promoted employee interaction and wellness, and encouraged long-lasting relationships among employees and their families. They also helped build strong relations between Debswana and its business partners.

“This initiative is part of Debswana’s commitment to sensitising its employees on issues of health through sports activities,” he said. “The company seeks to encourage employees to keep themselves healthy at all times.”

He said that sport exposed participants to the leadership aspects of success, building a competitive spirit and teaching them to make a contribution irrespective of whether the participation results in victory or defeat – and showing people to accept success and failure in a positive light.

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