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Partnerships are the cornerstone of our business. We work closely with our partners to build trust and realise shared aspirations.

Supporting the long-term development of the countries and communities where we operate has always been important for our business.

And through strong partnerships, we are able to generate profits for our shareholders while working to ensure our host countries and communities derive the greatest possible socio-economic benefits from their diamond wealth.

We create these benefits by focusing on local procurement, enterprise and infrastructure development, and beneficiation – selling a proportion of our rough diamond production in-country so the value-adding stages in the diamond pipeline stay in our host countries.

We also work hard to understand the needs and concerns of our host communities, consistently engaging and co-operating with them, guided by our Social Way, a framework for managing the impact of our operations on communities.

For more information on our economic initiatives and investments, see our 2016 Report to Society.

Performance highlights

US$0 billion

returned to our stakeholders across the world

(2015: US$3.9 Billion)

US$0 billion

of our goods and services procured locally

(2015: US$1.1 Billion)

US$0 billion

of rough diamonds remained in producer countries for beneficiation

(2015: US$825 Million)