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We continue to ensure our foundations are robust while increasingly looking beyond our own organisation to help others benefit from our experience, resources and solutions.

No diamond is worth discrimination, illness or injury. Zero harm is our central aim.

We therefore work hard to ensure the fundamentals are in place for the health, safety and well-being of our workforce, and we go beyond just complying with the basic laws and rules, seeking to achieve the highest possible standards.

Wherever we can, we extend our experience, resources and solutions beyond our own operations. As a result, we can help others benefit from our innovation and learn from our experience, while we learn from theirs.

We also try to ensure that our workforce reflects the make-up of the communities in which we operate, so we are able to create equal opportunities for all.

For more information on our ‘People’ initiatives, see our 2016 Report to Society.

Performance highlights

US$0 million

invested on training across the business

(2015: US$24.3 Million)


of employees are female

(2015: 24%)


of employees encouraged to know their hiv status

(2015: 26%)