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Our Issue areas

We do everything we can to ensure that our activities leave a positive and lasting legacy, long after our mines close.

We call this 'Building Forever'.

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Business integrity

Climate change

Community development for producer countries

Conflict diamonds

Consumer demand for diamonds

Diamond pipeline integrity

Economic impact on producer countries

Employee attraction, development and diversity

Energy security


Health and wellbeing

Human rights

Indigenous communities

Industrial relations

Informal mining

Land access and resettlement

Mine closure and asset transfer




Waste management and pollution prevention

Water availability and quality

We engaged KPMG LLP to undertake an independent limited assurance engagement, using the assurance standards ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3410 over the sustainability related information in the De Beers Report to Society; the De Beers’ Material Issues webpage as set out at and the De Beers’ Global Reporting Initiative Index as set out at (together ‘the Report’) for the year ended 31 December 2016. KPMG’s work was performed in the context of the Report as a whole and not over the individual components of the Report.
KPMG LLP’s full statement is available on page 50 and 51 of the De Beers’ Report to Society available at KPMG has issued an unqualified opinion on the Report.

The level of assurance provided for a limited assurance engagement is substantially lower than a reasonable assurance engagement. In order to reach their opinion, KPMG performed a range of procedures which included interviews with management, examination of reporting systems and data testing. A summary of the work they performed is included within their assurance opinion.

Non-financial performance information, greenhouse gas quantification in particular, is subject to more inherent limitations than financial information.

The Reporting Criteria used to prepare the Report are the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4 of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as set out at supported by De Beers’ internally developed guidelines, as described in the De Beers’ Basis of Reporting as set out at (together ‘the Reporting Criteria’).

It is important to read the material issues in the context of KPMG’s full limited assurance statement and the Reporting Criteria.