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The SS Nujoma under construction in Norway before beginning operations in Namibian waters.


The success of our activities will ultimately be measured by the economic and social development that endures beyond the life of a mine.

Diamond revenues play a central role in the economies of Botswana and Namibia. Even in the larger economies of South Africa and Canada, the positive impact of diamonds is keenly felt by the communities where we operate.

In Botswana, for example, diamonds account for about 70 per cent of all exports by value, and our partnership with the Government, including through our 50/50 venture in Debswana, is the largest contributor to the economy outside the Government itself. We are proud to play a key role in our partner countries in Africa, and in Canada.

We continue our investments to extend the life of our operations in each of our producer countries, so that diamond revenues can continue to support development into the future. Beyond the revenues we pay to governments, we continue to build socio-economic benefit through enterprise development, local procurement and infrastructure development, while investing heavily in growing the skills of our people. We also have a formal approach to beneficiation, ensuring we sell a proportion of our rough diamond production in-country, which enables value-adding stages within the diamond pipeline, including cutting, polishing and jewellery manufacture to take place in the countries where we mine.

For more information on our economic initiatives and investments, see our 2015 Report to Society.


Note: 2016 figures will provided H1 2017.