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De Beers Global Sightholder Sales reception area.
De Beers Global Sightholder Sales, Gaborone, Botswana.
Employee permission form signed.

Engaging with Stakeholders

We try at all times to understand and respond to our stakeholders’ interests.

Doing so helps us be a good neighbour, an effective partner and a sustainable operator.

It is also one of the most important tools we have to support consumer confidence. This is why we do all we can to engage with our many different stakeholders, including local communities, employees, governments, trade unions, suppliers, industry bodies, civil society including NGOs, academia, shareholders and consumers.

Some of the many ways we engage and consult with our stakeholders include:

  • Direct correspondence and conversation
  • Community fairs and meetings
  • Forums and conferences
  • De Beers’ ‘Diamond Dialogue’ meetings
  • Presentations and newsletters
  • One-to-one consultations
  • Focus groups on specific topics of interest
  • Social media
  • Community and school tours of our operations
  • Open ‘town hall’ meetings in our host communities.

We also collaborate with stakeholders on broader issues, such as raising ethical standards or combating corruption. Indeed, our founding role and continued involvement in the Diamond Producers Association, the Kimberley Process, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the UN CEO Water Mandate, along with our broader support for the UN Global Compact, enable us to play an active role across relevant areas.