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Employees from Sithaguy Farm, near Venetia Mine in South Africa, carrying crates from the harvest.

Our Principles  

Our overall purpose is to benefit our stakeholders by turning diamond dreams into a lasting reality. So we aim safely and sustainably to make the most of every carat we mine and sell.

We also work to protect the reputation and integrity of diamonds, to ensure that consumers can be confident in the quality and provenance of our product – and we have three guiding principles that govern the way we do business:

Sustainable development through partnership

We are committed to operating in accordance with national legislation and toward the goal of sustainable development. This means ensuring that we consider and take responsibility for the longer-term economic, social and environmental implications of the decisions we make today – not only for our own business but for the broader societies in which we operate. We will work with our partners in government to ensure that diamonds, a finite resource, are transformed into economic wealth and improve the quality of life and wellbeing for all stakeholders touched by our business along the diamond pipeline.

Diamond dreams and development

We will work to address the poverty and socio-economic deprivation that affects many of the communities where we operate. We will work with governments to help realise their long-term visions and, through education, training and shared decision-making, to ensure the success of programmes that help build the capabilities of their citizens. In particular, we will partner with our stakeholders to address the priority of HIV and Aids. We will also work meticulously through the Kimberley Process, the industry’s System of Warranties and our own Principles to ensure conflict diamonds are eliminated from world diamond flows.

Accountability and living up to diamonds

Our ethical conduct is governed by De Beers’ Best Practice Principles (BPPs) assurance programme. The BPPs apply to The De Beers Group of Companies, all Sightholders and to certain third parties, eg Sightholder sub-contractors. The BPPs require compliance with law in all areas, as well as further requirements on anti-corruption and anti-money laundering, health and safety, labour standards and environment. The BPPs are supported by a rigorous assurance programme that assesses compliance by all parties. Compliance with the BPPs is third-party verified each year by Société Générale de Surveillance.

In support of these three guiding principles, we have 42 operating principles that govern our behaviour, decisions and stakeholder engagement in our five sustainability issue areas – Economics, Ethics, Employees, Communities and Environment.