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Today, more than ever, every business is expected to ‘do the right thing’. It is part of being a good corporate citizen. But, for De Beers Group, it is more than that.

Doing the right thing has long been a business imperative – for three main reasons. First, there is a powerful mutual interest in all our working partnerships. We rely on access to our partners’ natural resources, and our partner countries rely on our ability to build revenue and create socio-economic benefit for their communities.

Second, when our host countries prosper, we benefit as well. Their prosperity creates a more predictable environment to invest in, an effective supply chain and a robust infrastructure.

And, third, consumers must be able to trust a diamond from De Beers Group: after all, consumer demand is our principle source of value.

We must therefore work to maintain the support of our partners, to be in a position to help them prosper and to ensure our consumers are proud of their diamond jewellery.

That means doing everything we can to make certain that all our activities leave a positive and lasting legacy, long after our mines close.

We call this ‘Building Forever’.