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Working sustainably sits at the heart of our business strategy. It is how we protect both our licence to operate and consumers’ confidence in our product, through understanding the needs of our stakeholders and finding solutions for the long term. In any case, it is the right thing to do.

We call it Building Forever.

A lasting commitment

At De Beers, the concept of Building Forever describes our commitment to creating a lasting positive legacy, both through our own activities and by working in partnership with others to find solutions to some of the most significant challenges we collectively face.

We share the aspirations of our producer country partners and communities to maximise sustainable value from their natural resource, and are proud that diamond revenues play a part in their development.

We believe that business is a catalyst for delivering socio-economic benefit, and we use our position as the world’s leading diamond company and our close partnerships with governments to drive enduring change across the industry and in the communities where we operate.