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Head Office

Address HW – 5012/5013,
H Tower, 5th Floor,
Bharat Diamond Bourse,
Bandra-Kurla Complex,
+91 22 43629999

Sales Offices

Address HW - 5012/5013,
H Tower, Fifth floor,
Bharat Diamond Bourse,
Banda-Kurla Complex,
Phone +91 22 43629999

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1982
Number of employees 4000
Number of offices 1
Number of factories 2

V D Global


Founded in 1982, Vallabhbhai Dhanjibhai & Company has over 40 years’ experience of the diamond business spanning three generations. Over that 40+ years period the group has established a track record with considerable strengths, capabilities and resources which set us apart from our competitors. We are constantly thriving for technological innovations to uphold constant growth.

We highly value our clients by building a transparent and a trusting relationship in the spirit of partnership.

We provide wide range of products and specially known in the market for pointer-sized stones, especially parcels of non-certified pointers assorted to finely calibrated specifications. Offering shapes such as Round Brilliant, Princess, Pear, Marquise, Radiant, Cushion, Emerald, etc… Sizes range from 0.001ct to 5cts and IF to I3 clarity stones. We also provide various services to our clients such as priority orders, custom assortments, and other services to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Vallabhbhai Dhanjibhai & Company believes that whatever they do should touch the lives of those around them and this is why they have forged their ties with people characterized by love, respect and long term commitment. Vallabhbhai Dhanjibhai & Co also believes that social responsibility should be the lifeblood of every country, thus they recognize education as the crucial aspect of future. Partners of the company have decided to take initiative by expanding the high school in JALALPUR, GUJRAT, INDIA.

Additional contributions are also done to various educational institutions and trusts: (Vanani Hostel in Gujarat; Sardar Patel Seva Trust in Gujarat, India; Bhavanath Educational Trust in  Gujarat, India).

Vallabhbhai Dhanjibhai & Company is doing its every bit to nurture the community to a higher standard of living and better quality of life.

Core Business Activity

Prepare and polished manufacturer

Product Range Overview

Core Polished Diamonds

Certified Stones 0.23ct – 5cts (GIA, HRD, IGI); Non-certified stones ranging from 0.001ct to 5cts D – L color IF – I3

Micro pave Melee 3rd, 5th, Quarters Pointers +1cts +3cts +10cts Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
  x x x x x x x    

Additional Services

Customized cut manufacturing; Stone Re-cutting; Custom assortment services; Fluting and bagging service