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Head Office

Address Star Diamond Group N.V.,
Pelikaanstraat 78,
2018 Antwerp,
Phone +3232139696

Sales Offices

Address Star Diamond Group N.V.,
Pelikaanstraat 78,
2018 Antwerp,
Contact Marc Roth
Phone +3232139696
Address Star Diamond S.A.,
Voie dez Traz 20,
1211 Geneva,
Contact Fida Kawkabani
Phone +41223016480
Address S.D.G.H.(Israel) Ltd,
Yahalom Bldg,
52521 Ramat Gan,
Contact Serge Fass
Phone +97236123420
Address DIA Holdings (PTY) Ltd,
Plot 6407,
Tlhawane Road,
Contact Mike Hawkins
Phone +2673912055

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1948
Number of employees 224
Number of offices 5
Number of factories 1

Group companies

  • Star Diamond Group (SDG) BV
  • SDGH Ltd.
  • Star Diamond Group
  • STB SA
  • Star Diamond SA
  • DIA Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
  • DMB Pty Ltd.

Star Diamond Group BV


A privately owned business, Star Diamond Group has been at the forefront of the diamond industry for over 60 years.

A pioneering, dynamic rough diamond trading company, Star Diamond is known for technical prowess, and craftsmanship when cutting and polishing rough diamonds; specialising in rare, large and coloured stones.

Star Diamond operates by the diamond industry’s highest ethical standards, only working with certified conflict-free stones and implementing strong social, ethical and environmental practices.

Our enviable operational scale, consistency of supply, reputation for production excellence, exceptional service and all round focus on quality affirm Star Diamond as a dynamic, invaluable partner for businesses operating throughout the diamond pipeline.

As such, we are perfectly placed to ensure that all of our clients – diamond manufacturers, famed high-end jewellers, private companies and descrete high net worth individuals – have access to a wide inventory of fine make diamonds.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Star Diamond runs Botswana’s oldest diamond cutting factory that it took over in 2004. After a complete factory overhaul, it is seen as one of the most modern cutting factories on the continent. This major investment offers profound social and financial benefits to the local community.

The factory uses the most modern equipment and tools, and stands as an example for beneficiation and proper skill transfer to the people of Botswana.

Together with our branded range “Botswana Diamonds”, we help create a prosperous and thriving diamond industry in Botswana, for the country and for its people.

Core Business Activity

Wholesaler and Polished manufacturer

Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

Multiple sourced wide range of rough diamonds; Tailored mixtures; Bespoke and Customized assortments; Consistent and Available assortments; Chain-of-warranty; Contractual supply programmes; Rejection and Buy-back services

Core Polished Diamonds

Contractual supply programmes

Specialist Polished Diamonds

“Botswana Diamonds” ™

Diamond Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery

Polished Outcome

Micro pave Melee 3rd, 5th, Quarters Pointers +1cts +3cts +10cts Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
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