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Head Office

Address 16th Floor,
19 West 44th Street,
New York
New York 10036,
Phone +1-212-972-9700

Sales Offices

Address 16th Floor,
19 West 44th Street,
New York,
New York 10036,
Charles Rosario
Phone +1-212-972-9700
Address Y-Sen Okachimaachi Bldg,
9th Floor,
4-8-7 Taito,
Japan 110-0016
Scott Meiller 
Address Hoveniersstraat 30,
B 2018,
Marc Ost
Address Central Building,
1-3 Pedder Street,
Central, Hong Kong
Laura Chow 
Address 16th Floor,
19 West 44th Street,
New York,
New York 10036,
Contact Melissa Kulhanjian (Bellataire®)
Phone +1-212-972-9700

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1903
Number of employees 194
Number of offices 5
Number of factories 1

Group Companies

  • Lazare Kaplan International Inc
  • Lazare Kaplan Belgium NV
  • Lazare Kaplan Japan Inc
  • Lazare Kaplan Hong Kong
  • Bellataire LLC (New York)
  • Preferred Diamonds Ltd
  • Namgem Trading


Lazare Kaplan International Inc


Founded in 1903, LKI has been a leader in industry innovation: as pioneers of Ideal cut diamonds, first to laser-inscribe diamonds, and first to offer uniquely brilliant diamonds as a brand with complete marketing support.

LKI’s rich heritage of excellence permeates all its activities from product conception and craftsmanship through to customer service and ethical leadership. This commitment to uncompromising standards translates into beautiful products and quality services.

LKI is an acknowledged leader in setting and adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards, giving customers the confidence that they share in one of the most honourable diamond traditions. As a US publically traded company, it complies with some of the strictest standards of governance, transparency and ethics.

The Lazare Diamond ® is LKI’s flagship product. It is the original ideal cut diamond, cut to such exacting proportions that the brilliance, scintillation and fire of the diamond are optimised to create The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond ®. Each stone over 0.18ct is laser-inscribed with the Lazare logo and a unique number to identify it as a Lazare Diamond. Retailers purchasing Lazare Diamond loose polished or jewellery benefit from a comprehensive package of marketing services.

LKI customers may also purchase diamonds and diamond jewellery from its Preferred Collection®. LKI also offers a range of HPHT diamonds under its Bellataire® Collection.

Corporate Social Responsibility

LKI is proud of its record in promoting ethical, social and environmental accountability.

Zero tolerance for conflict diamonds: LKI was a leader and pioneer in developing and adhering to controls to recognise conflict diamonds. As testament to its contribution, it was awarded a special commendation by the UN.

Responsible corporate practices: LKI adheres to the highest standards of responsible corporate practices. It is Responsible Jewellery Council certified and complies with DTC’s Best Practice Principles.

Social responsibility: LKI was a founding member of UN Global Compact, a forum which encourages businesses to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and to report publicly on results. LKI is one of approximately 10% of UNGC members reporting at the advanced level. LKI endorses the Global Sullivan Principles, a code of conduct promoting social justice, human rights and economic opportunity.

Leadership on Africa: LKI pioneered diamond beneficiation outside of apartheid South Africa. It invests heavily in the continent, and has played a leading role in launching and sustaining initiatives that build bridges between Africa and the US.

Core Business Activity

Wholesaler, Polished manufacturer and Retailer

Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

Range of rough materials in variety of sizes and qualities

Core Polished Diamonds

Ideal-cut rounds; Fine-make rounds; Square emeralds; Cushion cuts; Range of other fancy shapes; Large stones

Specialist Polished Diamonds

Lazare Diamond® consumer-branded diamonds; Preferred Collection® diamonds; Bellataire® diamonds 

Diamond Jewellery

Lazare Diamond® consumer-branded jewellery; Preferred Collection® diamond jewellery

Polished Outcome

Micro pave Melee 3rd, 5th, Quarters Pointers +1cts +3cts +10cts Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
    x x x x x x x x

Additional Services

Lazare Diamond® products are distributed with complete consumer-facing merchandising and marketing solutions including jewellery displays, POS collateral, lifetime warranties, marketing support and the Lazare Partnership programme which offers customers a range of marketing services; Additionally, LKI provides a range of other services including OEM products, access to inventory online, customised products and tailor-made programmes.