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Head Office

Address 9/11 Schupstraat, Antwerp, Belgium

Sales Offices

Short Facts

Year of establishment 2002
Number of employees 2,500
Number of offices 1
Number of factories 6

Group companies

  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Laurelton Diamonds Inc. (Antwerp)
  • Laurelton Diamonds Botswana
  • Laurelton Diamonds Cambodia
  • Laurelton Diamonds Mauritius
  • Laurelton Reign Diamonds
  • Laurelton Diamonds Vietnam

Laurelton Diamonds Belgium BVBA


Laurelton Diamonds Belgium BVBA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tiffany & Co. Established in 2002, the company ensures the integrity and high quality of Tiffany’s diamonds through strict control of a global supply chain that sources, cuts, polishes and supplies finished stones to Tiffany & Co. Laurelton Diamonds Belgium BVBA has operations in the United States, Belgium, Botswana, Namibia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Mauritius. As part of the Tiffany supply chain for diamonds, we operate our own gemmological laboratories. All of our facilities operate at the highest standards in the industry. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is fully integrated into every aspect of Laurelton Diamonds Belgium BVBA and Tiffany & Co. For more information, see:   

Core Business Activity

Polished manufacturer, Jewellery manufacturer and Retailer

Product Range Overview

Specialist Polished Diamonds

Laurelton Diamonds Belgium BVBA's mission is to produce Tiffany-qualifying polished diamonds for use in Tiffany & Co. diamond jewellery.

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Additional Services

Throughout the Laurelton network we emphasize quality, craftsmanship, social and environmental responsibility, and proactive, transparent relationships with stakeholders.