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Head Office

Address Kristall Production Corporation,
2 Shkadov Street,
Smolensk, 214031,
Russian Federation
Phone +7 4812 20 0100
Fax +7 4812 20 7000

Sales Offices

Address Smolensk Diamonds,
53, B-2018,
Contact Raymond Cohen


Fax +32-3-232-7779 
Address Smolensk Diamonds Asia LTD,
Rm 2601, 26/F,
Kinwick Centre,
32 Hollywood Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Contact Paul Cheung
Phone + 852-2521-4629
Fax + 852-2537-7966
Address Smolensk Diamonds USA,
50 West 47 Street, Suite 1016,
New York, NY 10036,
Contact Nikolay Senyukhin
Phone +1 (212) 382 3646
Fax +1 (646) 843 7565
Address Kristall Middle East DMCC,
Almas Tower, Level 47,
Unit 47E,
Jumeirah Lakes Towers,
P.O. Box 182100,
Dubai (UAE)
Contact Konstantin Sidorenkov
Phone +971-4-438-9557
Fax +971-4-438-9556
Address Jewellery Group “Smolenskie Brillianty”,
2 Shkadov Street,
Russian Federation 
Contact Dmitry Kountsev
Phone  +7 4812 20 6920
Fax +7 4812 20 6908

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1963
Number of employees 2,000
Number of offices 7
Number of factories 2

Group companies

  • Smolensk Diamonds
  • Smolensk Diamonds USA Inc.
  • Smolensk Diamonds Asia Ltd.
  • Kristall Middle East DMCC
  • Jewellery Group “Smolenskie Brillianty” Ltd.

Kristall Production Corporation OAO


Kristall Production Corporation is the pioneer of the Russian diamond industry and the largest Russian diamond processing company.

Based on the heritage of excellence of the Russian school of cutting, we have opened our doors to the world for new business concepts, innovations and global partnerships.

We consider our dedication to innovation as a key advantage. Our state-of-the-art technologies and ever-changing product ranges enable us to adapt to market demands, maintain supply and control costs while improving stability and financial performance. Kristall is involved in active research directed to perfecting of the technological process in co-operation with a number of scientific organisations.

The competitive advantages of the company’s products are expressly proved by their reputation and popularity all over the world and the never changing interest of the leading international dealer companies in purchasing it. For many years, the company has been an active player in the international polished diamond market, with sales covering major world diamond and jewellery trading centres in Europe, USA, Japan, Far- and Middle East countries, as well as in Russia and CIS.

Kristall Group is centrally managed from our head office in Smolensk, Russia. Every part of the group operates under the same guiding principles: efficiency of decision-making, process management and financial discipline. We comply strictly with all national legislation and industry and international codes of practice. We are fully transparent, respect our labour and environmental obligations and practice genuine corporate social responsibility in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking care of people is one of our priorities, with projects aimed at resolving social issues both at a company level and in Smolensk Region as a whole.

Kristall is fully committed to patronage, sponsorship and charity projects. Coming to the aid of the city’s orphanages, supporting World War II veterans, running special events for former employees and honoured workers is part of our corporate identity.

Kristall regularly supports cultural and artistic institutions and events, such as the world famous St Petersburgh’s Hermitage, performances of the most prominent Russian ballet dancers – “The Russian Seasons” and the Russian “Golden Phoenix” film festival.

We have traditionally supported the expansion of various sports and promoted healthy life-style ideas in the Smolensk Region, through supporting the local hockey team and organising different sports competitions and events in Smolensk.

Core Business Activity

Wholesaler, Polished manufacturer, Jewellery manufacturer and Retailer

Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

Sorting; cost-plus manufacturing

Core Polished Diamonds

Wide range of traditional polished diamond shapes and special cuts; large, wholesale lots formed of polished diamonds of one particular shape and various colours and clarities.

Specialist Polished Diamonds

Various special diamond shapes on demand; exclusive use or copyrights; ongoing production and support, including certification and laser marking as required.

Diamond Jewellery

Wide range of products from classics to modern artistic designs; personal designs; online choice and purchasing; lifetime guarantee; loyalty programmes.

Polished Outcome

Micro pave Melee 3rd, 5th, Quarters Pointers +1cts +3cts +10cts Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
x x x x x x x x x x

Additional Services

Certificates of Origin and Certificates of Authenticity; laser engraving; marketing support including patents Information booklets, video-materials, PR-support, training and POS; cost-plus manufacturing; design of special diamond shapes on demand; jewellery design advice.