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Address 30-Hoveniersstraat
2018 Antwerp
Phone +323 225 3604

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Address 30-Hoveniersstraat
2018 Antwerp
Contact Lakhani Vimal
Patel Bharatkumar
Phone +323 225 3604

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1996
Number of employees 7
Number of offices 1
Number of factories 0

Kiran Exports Bvba


Kiran Exports Bvba was founded in 1996 in Antwerp, Belgium and is a RJC certified company, located in Antwerp.

Being in the business of both rough and polished diamonds, we are proud to differentiate ourselves through a constant endeavour of adding value to our customers. 

Our edge in the industry is the unparalleled breadth of product offering (across different colours, clarity etc.) and complete quality assurance with timely deliveries and customer centric efficient operations.

We have a wide selection in high quality assortments from variable sources (South Africa, Angola, Canada), ranging from Makable to Clivage and Sawables.

Our special assortments are in line with the market demands, which satisfy the requirements of our leading manufacturing clients from India & Israel. This enables us to provide a high quality sales service. 

Our vendors are industry leaders in their respective domains and have a longstanding relationship with us. Our partners hold us in high esteem, as we have been over the last two decades, a dependable and trusted companion through all the industry’s cycles. It is a mutually beneficial relationship as they get a one-stop buyer in bulk for a wide variety of goods. Being able to offer all our customers a large array of goods with assured quality, we are then able to forge a strong relationship with them.

Our sourcing leads to demand fulfillment of some of the best-known brands in jewelry, retail, luxury watches and accessories, for various goods in bulk. This along with an unwavering focus on quality, has made us the one stop shop of choice for any entity having specific demands like an assortment across different sizes and shapes, which is difficult to completely source in bulk from one location. 

We received the award for the “Highest Importer of Cut & Polished Diamonds” in the Europe category by “The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council” of India, for five consecutive years, from 2008 to 2012.

Corporate Social Investment

We believe in the improvement of our community and our social environment in general, so we continuously take part in donations to different organisations.

In recent times we have given funds donations to the organisation called “Baps Swami Narayan” which is representing the Indian temple of Antwerp. And also to the organisation called Radhadesh, which is the Hare Krishna Community of Belgium.

We also donated to the AIA (Antwerp Indian Association) in purpose of the visit of the Prime Minister Of India, Mr.Narendra Modi. He is known in the community and abroad for his view of development regarding the foreign affairs relations.

As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we put great interest in corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.

Core Business Activity

Wholesaler; Preparer.

Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

Our rough goods are bought directly from trusted sources such as Rio Tinto Diamonds NV, Dominion Diamond Marketing NV, Grib Diamonds NV, Alrosa PJSC, De Beers Auction Sales Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We then prepare our stones assortments in accordance with our client’s needs and demands.

Our Product Range: Crystals,Sawables, Makable 1, Makable 2, Z/Cliv, Clivage 1, Clivage 2 and Rejection from the sizes +10ct till -5+3 and in White and different colors.

Core Polished Diamonds

Non- certified.

Kiran Exports offers non-certified diamonds in clarities ranging from IF to Pique and sizes 0.005 carats to 1+ carat with top cut. 

Round polished

Clarity - IF to Pique

Size - 0.005 carats to 1+ carats.

Colour - H+ colour / I-J colour

Fancy Shapes

Clarity - VVS to Pique

Size - 0.25 carats to 1+ carats

Colour - H+ colour / I-J colour

Certified (GIA/IGI/HRD)

Kiran offers certified round brilliant diamonds in clarities ranging from IF to SI2 and sizes 0.20 carats to 1+ carat. Fancy shape diamonds are offered in clarities ranging from IF to SI2 and in sizes 0.25 carats to 1+ carat.

Round Brilliant

Clarity - IF to SI2

Size - 0.25 carats to 1+ carat

Colour - D to J

Fancy shapes

Clarity - IF to SI2

Size - 0.25 carats to 1+ carat

Colour - D to J

Specialist Polished Diamonds

Top cut, specific assortments with colourless program.

Micro pave Melee 3rd, 5th, Quarters Pointers +1cts +3cts +10cts Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
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We are one-stop shop company with a wide variety of products; tailor made assortments, inventory management for clients to provide on time delivery.