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Head Office

Address GE-3051, G Block,
Bharat Diamond Bourse,
BandraKurla Complex,
Bandra East,
Mumbai 400 051 India

Sales Offices

Address GE-3051, G Block,
Bharat Diamond Bourse,
BandraKurla Complex,
Bandra East,
Mumbai 400 051 India
Nirav Anil Virani
+91 22 4060 8888
Address Flat 01,10/F,
Harbour Centre Tower 2,
8 Hok Cheung Street,
Hong Kong
Smit Virani
+852  2724 4330
Address Hoveniersstraat 30,
Suite : 301,
Bus:120, 2018 Antwerpen,
Hardik Virani

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1983
Number of employees 1,070
Number of offices 3
Number of factories 2

Group companies


  • Karp Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. India
  • Karp Manufacturing Company India
  • Karp Jewellery Private Limited, India
  • Karp Impex HK Limited, Hong Kong
  • Karp Jewellery Mfg HK Limited, Hong Kong
  • Karp, Belgium.


KARP Impex Ltd


KARP is one of India's leading manufacturers which has pioneered the art of cutting Round Dimonds with H&A with 3ex and fancy shaped diamonds using state of the art technology in India.
The philosophy of the promoters of the KARP Group has always been to innovate and to strive to achieve perfection.
KARP Group employs over 5000 personnel direct and indirect around the world and for over 20 years has been a pioneer and is widely respected for its technical expertise leading to finest end products.
KARP offers an array of loose polished diamonds in different sizes, colours and clarities worldwide.
The Diamantaires of the KARP Group have progressively thrived in the fancy cut market and have extended their product line to customised and many patented cuts and has also strengthened its position in the Round Market.
Each piece of our jewellery is given the same attention to detail, strongly reflecting our philosophy for quality and craftsmanship.
KARP always works closely with its customers recognising their needs and building successful strategic alliances based on partnership and added value.
It has adopted a business practice that focuses on adapting the product and service to meet the customers needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Principals of the KARP Group take their position in society very seriously and giving back is one of their core principals.
KARP is proud of its status in the community and its focus on People, Planet and Profit which are derived from the promotors personal experiences.
The entire KARP Group put ethical standards at the heart of what they do making it an employer of choice where we are proud to say that many of our workers are third generation with the KARP Group.
Karp has created a sustainable workers village at ‘Virani Nagar’ that provides free residential facilities along with a school, hospital, shopping complex and playgrounds. In addition KARP will contribute to the education of the employees children.

Core Business Activity

Wholesaler, Preparer, Polished manufacturer, Jewellery manufacturer and Retailer

Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

Sales of rough diamonds; Sales of partially prepared rough diamonds;

Core Polished Diamonds

B2B sales; Precise Assortments; Re-cut services; Repair services

Specialist Polished Diamonds

B2B sales; Precise Assortments; Re-cut services; Repair services

Diamond Jewellery

B2B sales; B2C sales; Re-design services; Repair services

Polished Outcome





Below 7pts

Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
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Additional Services

Customised diamond cuts for the watch and Luxury Diamond sector.
Layout services and matching services to meet price points.
Design solution and application consulting in terms of cut design, application and positioning.
Collaborative strategies in the design and implementation of new products, integrated sales and operation planning, sharing demand related information.
Marketing support including visual merchandising, brochures and retail staff training.
We also engage in Co-op marketing and education strategies for our retail partners.
The KARP Group also certifies its products to enhance the consumer experience.
KARP also offer selected customers preferred access to its Website and online stock where products can be ordered online using our secure purchase channel.