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Head Office

Address 22 West 48th St.,
Rm. 702,  New York,
NY 10036, USA
Phone +1-212-819-0150

Sales Offices

Address Henri Polak Diamond Corporation,
North Carolina,
Barry Walker
Address Henri Polak Diamond Corporation,
NV, 62 Pelikaanstraat,
Room 505, Antwerp 2018,
Karin Peters

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1964
Number of employees 9
Number of offices 3

Group companies

  • Henri Polak Diamond Corporation
  • Henri Polak Diamond Corporation, NV

Henri Polak


Henri Polak Diamond is a global dealer in Natural Industrial Diamonds for diamond tools used to manufacture an astonishing range of products that support and enhance our daily lives.  Tools incorporating diamonds from Polak’s expert assortment are used in every corner of the globe to support the transportation, consumer products, communications, printing and medical industries.  The products made with these tools range from cars and airplanes to digital cameras, cellphone cameras, flat panel TV screens and supermarket scanners, from  fiber optic cabling to surgical knives, contact lenses and pacemakers.

Polak Diamond occupies a critical niche in the diamond pipeline, sourcing diamonds upstream from the producers, then grading them into hundreds of specific categories to meet the needs of the firm’s downstream partners, diamond toolmakers who process the diamonds into tools used by their downstream partners, manufacturers  like Ford, Toyota, Boeing, Canon, Phillips and Johnson & Johnson.

The firm’s broad experience in buying, grading and marketing industrial diamonds stretches back to the 1940s and forward into the 21st century, and allows it to offer its clients a consistent and uniform assortment as well as customised solutions to highly specialized tool requirements, including ancillary services of sawing and polishing.  The firm’s client base spans the globe, from the US and South America to Europe, China and Japan. 

Polak Diamond is proud to play such a vital role in serving industry and the consumer public, and looks forward to doing so for many generations.

Core Business Activity


Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

Industrial Rough including Dressers, Diestones, Round Shapes, Flat Shapes, Elongateds, Flat Elongateds, Triangles, in the size range 0.03ct to 10.00ct

Additional Services

Customer assortments and product development. Sawing and polishing/flattening of Rough Industrial goods.