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Head Office

Address 580 Fifth Ave, Suite 1100, New York, 10036, USA
Phone +1212-575-0290

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1948
Employees 80
Offices 1
Factories 2

Group companies

  • Hasenfeld-Stein (Qingdao) Diamond Co.

Hasenfeld-Stein Inc


Hasenfeld-Stein was founded in 1948 by Alexander Hasenfeld. The business philosophy by which Mr Hasenfeld ran the company – “do what we do best, and do it better than anyone else” – are those same principles his son, Hertz, runs the company today.

Our focus is a very distinct range of better make goods and programs; tailored to high end retailers, whether single store independents, or some of the most important retail jewellery chains in the world. This includes a unique and patent pending, trademarked Round diamond for a major overseas retailer. While the majority of our production and sales is hearts and arrows Ideal Rounds, we are perhaps best known for our patented fancy cuts. 

FireMark® is the most perfectly cut Princess in the world, and the only Princess to consistently rival Ideal Rounds in brilliance, with an average 98 per cent light return. FireMark is sold in well over 200 stores worldwide.

FireCushion® is a GIA Excellent/Excellent Cushion Brilliant (NOT Modified Brilliant), with many important patent pending features like exceptional Brilliance and larger appearance. FireCushion was being sold in over 100 stores worldwide in its very first year of production.

Hasenfeld-Stein is a Forevermark Diamantaire, and all three of our primary products – Rounds, FirePrincess and FireCushion – are available for retailers’ Forevermark programs.

We also do all we can to help our retailers close more sales, by providing results oriented marketing support, including sales training, consumer videos, and point-of-sales selling tools.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Hasenfeld-Stein family is world renowned for their philanthropy. This is best shown by the Hasenfeld wing at Laniado Hospital in Israel. The Hasenfelds have always, and continue to generously donate to various charities worldwide, with a special focus on hospitals, orphanages and schools. Hasenfeld-Stein is also a regular contributor to Jewelers For Children, an extraordinary charity in the jewelry industry.

Hasenfeld-Stein is very proud to be a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Core Business Activity

Polished manufacturer

Product Range Overview

Core Polished Diamonds

Ideal Rounds; Fancy Shapes

Specialist Polished Diamonds

FireMark® Princess, FireCushion®, Forevermark.

Polished Outcome





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Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
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Additional Services

Recutting services for retail jewellers to cut their second hand stones to GIA Triple excellent or AGS 000; layouts; overnight delivery, marketing services for Firemark® and FireCushion.®