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Head Office

Address Suite 1542,
Maccabi Building,
1 Jabotinsky Street,
Ramat Gan,
52520, Israel

Sales Offices

Address Suite 234,
Hovenierstraat 30,
Belgium 2018
Nadia Martinet

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1987
Number of employees 20
Number of offices 2
Number of factories 2

Group companies

  • Fruchter Gad Diamonds Belgium bvba

Fruchter Gad Diamonds Ltd


Fruchter Gad is a leading vendor of assorted rough diamonds headquartered in Tel Aviv. 

Our core business, for which we are renowned, is our expertise in creating consistent assortments of prepared rough diamonds.  Our sawing factories in Thailand use the latest techniques to ensure the best possible finish to our sawn goods.  Additionally, our customers can request tailor-made prepared assortments giving them the added benefit of polished that meets their specific requirements after manufacturing.

We also have consistent assortments of regular rough diamonds for sale.

At the heart of our business is the desire to provide all of our customers with exceptional service backed up with professionalism and integrity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a one of the world’s leading diamantaires, Fruchter Gad is committed to the highest level of corporate social accountability in all the countries that it operates. 

We guarantee every stone that we supply has been mined and traded strictly in accordance with the Kimberley Process.  We keep a record of the origin of each stone in order to satisfy our strict ethical code of conduct.

Core Business Activity

Wholesaler and Preparer

Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

30pct up to 5grs sawn rough in all colours and qualities, ready for manufacturing.  Parcels are tailored to customer needs and are precisely assorted to requirements.

Regular and tailor-made assortments of rough are also available in all sizes, colours and qualities.

Additional Services

Consistent assortments; tailor-made assortments; forward planning services; just-in-time delivery; on-time delivery; shelf-stocking; telephone ordering; website ordering.