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Head Office

Address 199 Leonard Auala St.,
Phone +264 61 386 550

Short Facts

Year of establishment 2016
Number of employees 103
Number of offices 1
Number of factories 1

DYS Diamond Manufacturers Pty Ltd


DYS Diamond Manufacturers is a joint venture between Dalumi Diamonds, Yerushalmi Brothers and Sahar Atid Diamonds which are three major diamond manufacturing companies and each is a De Beers Sightholder.

DYS is a De Beers Sightholder in Namibia with a factory situated in Katutura , Windhoek, with its main core business being polished diamonds ranging from rough 4grs and up, including Large Special stones and Fancy shape along with Fancy Yellow Diamonds.

DYS plans to expand and be the largest manufacturer in Namibia in the near future and to be a leading player in the global diamond and jewellery industry due the large retail and marketing connections all three joint companies have.

Core Business Activity

Polished Manufacturer.

Micro pave Melee 3rd, 5th, Quarters Pointers +1cts +3cts +10cts Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
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