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Head Office

Address Suite 1369,
Yahalom Building,
21 Tuval Street,
Ramat - Gan, Israel
Phone +972-3-5752670

Sales Offices

Address De Toledo Diamonds International BVBA
Contact Shai De Toledo
Phone +32-3-2341717
Address De Toledo Diamonds LTD
Tally Lahav

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1972
Number of employees 25
Number of offices 2
Number of factories 1

Group companies

  • De Toledo Diamonds International BVBA

De Toledo Diamonds Ltd


Leading rough preparers with global reach by delivering high-quality products and services that are customer and market driven. Cleaving and sawing diamonds multiple times in order to meet clients' specific requirements and maximise yield. Through our processes, we supply over 300 tailor-made rough prepared assortments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

De Toledo seeks to operate responsibly and sustainably in all aspects of the Group’s and its partner’s operations – the object is to maintain consumer confidence in the integrity of our diamonds. This approach is underpinned by our founder and principal being the Acting President of Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association as well as Head of the Diamond Institute’s Technology Committee and, since May 2009, the company being a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Core Business Activity


Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

As a rough preparer De Toledo produce prepared assortments of cleaving and sawing goods from 0.1ct to 5ct, in a wide range of colours and clarities for polished manufacturers. We also tailor-make assortments designed for creators of special cuts.

Additional Services

Providing complementary informational and support services to clients. Informational campaigns: Providing insight about the industry, Market specific trends and marketing campaigns. Support services: Consistent assortments, Long-term programming, Co-operative assistance towards B2C activities and technical support. Technical support: Ensure that clients are maximizing the yield of each stone and educate clients about new assortments to meet changing needs, Companies that are creating special cuts particularly benefit from the technical support we provide, such as advice regarding appropriate rough prepared assortments.