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Head Office

Address 101, Prasad Chambers,
M.P. Marg,
Opera House,
Mumbai – 400004.
Phone +91-22-23679521

Sales Offices

Address Super Diam B.V.B.A
Contact Sameer Khadela
Phone +32-3-234-3214
Address Bhavani Hong Kong Limited
Alpesh Ahir

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1987
Number of employees 7,000
Number of offices 6
Number of factories 8

Group companies

  • Super Diam BVBA
  • Bhavani Hong Kong Limited
  • Instyle Jewellery
  • Raj Exports

Bhavani Gems


Throughout the long history of Diamond Manufacturers, the historic name of Bhavani Gems shines through. Bhavani Gems is committed to innovation and have carved a niche in the market through the introduction of the “3 Makes” Brand Heart & Arrow, Gem & High in smaller sizes which are perfectly suited to the requirements of our customers, depending on the preference of the end consumers in different geographical location. We were the first one in Diamond Industry to Install Gas Power Plant which generates Electricity which is Eco-Friendly.

At Bhavani Gems, our R & D Department is constantly working to maximise the quality of goods through our technology infrastructure.

Bhavani Gems have manufactured the Smallest Diamond in the world “Bhavani Mikro Diamond” weighing 0.0003 cent having 3333.33 per carat size with 57 facets which is also certified by IGI Laboratory and is acclaimed by Limca Book of records, our target market for this Diamond is Watch Manufacturing Industry.

Bhavani Gems have also introduced a B2B online website & an ‘app’ for iPhone / iPad / Blackberry / Android based mobiles.

We value Diamonds world’s richest resources & purchase all raw materials that meet the approval of Kimberly process & operate in strict compliance with Kimberly process certification scheme. We respect largest diamond land “Africa” and support them by contributing to the “Diamond Empowerment fund”.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For many years Bhavani Gems has played an active role in many CSR projects.

For example, in Lathi there was an acute water shortage which impacted the agriculture and therefore the economy. Bhavani Gems contributed $1.5m USD to this project. As a result, this Dam tripled the harvest over the year & provided reliable sources of water for around 125,000 people.

Education is an important part of Bhavani Gems commitment to CSR–we are a Trustee in various Education Trusts & have built Schools such as SPE Trust at Bhavnagar, Bhavani Bal Mandir at Lathi, Omkar School at Rangola, and many more.

Arranged and Sponsored Free Medical Camp – More than 10,000 people attended and were given free medical treatment and medicines. Around 100 specialist Doctors has been called upon.

Distributing 1,000 free food kits to poor people, this would feed a family for 1 year.

As well as this we have built and contributed to hospitals, museums and Ambulance services, developed gardens etc.

Core Business Activity

Polished manufacturer and Jewellery manufacturer

Product Range Overview

Core Polished Diamonds

White Round Brilliant, Princess and Marquise

Specialist Polished Diamonds

Bhavani Mikro Diamond “Smallest Diamond in the World” 3333.33 per carat weighing 0.0003.

Diamond Jewellery

Necklaces, bracelets and set

Polished Outcome

Micro pave Melee 3rd, 5th, Quarters Pointers +1cts +3cts +10cts Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
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