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Head Office

Address 592 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor,
New York, NY 10036, USA
Phone +1 (212) 308-3600

Short Facts

Year of establishment 1991
Number of employees 3,000
Number of offices 2
Number of factories 2

Group companies

  • Almod Diamonds Ltd. (USA)
  • Duiker Investment 142 (PTY) Ltd. (Namibia)


Almod Diamonds Ltd


Almod is a vertically integrated diamond company.  We manufacture rough, produce our own jewelry, and sell our diamonds and diamond jewelry in our Diamonds International chain of retail stores.  Diamonds International has over 125 locations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and US.  We operate within the tourism industry, selling primarily to cruise ship passengers.  Diamonds International is the most recommended jewelry store in the Caribbean and is the world’s largest duty-free jewelry retailer.  Diamonds International sells a range of branded and generic diamonds and diamond jewelry, including Forevermark and Almod’s patented Crown of Light diamond.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Almod and Diamonds International are privileged to support such deserving causes as funding education in impoverished communities, construction efforts to rebuild areas hit by Caribbean hurricanes, cancer research, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers such as Verdun House in Barbados, and orphanages that house children orphaned by HIV and AIDS such as Baby Haven in Namibia.

Core Business Activity

Polished manufacturer, Jewellery manufacturer and Retailer

Product Range Overview

Rough Diamonds

Services: We polish 100% of the rough we buy, mostly at our own factories but also at contractors’ facilities; 

Goods:  Colored, Commercial High, Commercial Medium, Crystals, Namibian Unaggregated.

Core Polished Diamonds

Services: We sell 100% of our polished stones to our retail stores; 

Goods:  All standard shapes and colors, sizes range from .50ct to 20cts, as well as branded diamonds.  

Specialist Polished Diamonds

Services: We sell 100% of our polished stones to our retail stores;

Goods:  Branded diamonds such as Forevermark and Crown of Light, fancy yellow, fancy blue, all shapes. 

Diamond Jewellery

Services: We sell diamond jewelry at our 125+ retail stores throughout the US, Caribbean, and Mexico; 

Goods: Engagement and right hand rings, past-present-future and journey jewelry, pieces for the basic diamond wardrobe.  

Polished Outcome





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Fancy shapes Fancy colours Proprietary or branded makes
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Additional Services

Our company provides administrative, marketing, and customer service support for our retail stores and the end consumer; Our stores also sell gemstone jewelry and a variety of brand-name watches.