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De Beers and Canada have a shared history spanning more than 50 years.

The activities of De Beers in Canada began in 1961 with its first exploration investments. Since then, De Beers has continued to invest heavily across Canada, particularly in Ontario and the Northwest Territories (NWT), through its three mining operations: Victor, Snap Lake and Gahcho Kué.

Over the past decade, De Beers’ activities at Victor and Snap Lake have produced 13.5 million carats of rough diamonds, contributing C$3.9 billion and C$2.2 billion respectively to Canada’s gross value added (GVA*).2 Looking ahead, De Beers’ partnership with Mountain Province Diamonds at Gahcho Kué represents the next chapter of this contribution, with current expectations for production of approximately 54 million carats from an estimated 35 million tonnes of ore over the life of the mine.3

But De Beers’ impacts extend beyond the immediate impact of diamond mining itself. From investments in infrastructure, to the manufacturing and retail activity it facilitates, and the socio-economic impact of its community programmes, De Beers aims to maximise the benefits that flow from its activities to the communities in which it operates.

The map below illustrates De Beers’ operations across Canada. In total, over the past 10 years, De Beers is estimated to have contributed C$7.1 billion to Canada’s GVA and, on current plans, is set to support a C$6.0 billion GVA contribution over the coming decade.4 In addition, exports supported by De Beers’ mining operations have brought C$4.0 billion in foreign currency into the Canadian economy over the past decade alone, and in 2015 represented 28 per cent of Canada’s export earnings from diamonds.5

* See Glossary for definitions of key terms used in this report.
** Payments to Government have been rounded to the nearest five million.

2. All figures reported in 2016 C$ unless otherwise stated.
3. For further information, refer to the Anglo American Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources Report 2015.
4. These indicative projections are based on De Beers’ currently planned activities, which are dependent upon a number of factors, including the prevailing and expected price of diamonds. For further information, refer to the Anglo American Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources Report 2015. Note, however, that Snap Lake has been placed on Care and Maintenance since its publication.
5. Based on De Beers’ financial information and Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (2015) annual statistics.
6. This includes five communities in Ontario and six across the Northwest Territories.