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One day I want to be a CEO

Candy Godie, Senior Mining Engineer at Jwaneng Mine in Botswana, talks about her passion for leadership.

What first got you interested in De Beers?
I got interested in Debswana because of the contribution this company has made to the lives of Batswana. It really got me excited. From a tender age, I saw Debswana and the long-lasting legacy it continues to create for our country and I really wanted to be a part of this journey.

What was your first job at the company?
I started as a Trainee Mining Engineer. The roles I performed ranged from drilling, loading and hauling, to blasting supervision and shift foreman for a total of about five years. Most of this work was done on the night and afternoon shift, and it was really exciting.

Tell us about your current position and what it involves day to day.
I’m a Senior Mining Engineer – Loading and Hauling. The role entails the coordination of all loading and hauling activities and ensuring that they are done safely and efficiently with very good productivity. It is also my responsibility to ensure that all production crews are led and directed to deliver a good operational mine performance.

How would you describe your leadership style?
Different styles are applicable in different situations in the mining industry, more especially in a very busy pit like Jwaneng Mine. I’m leading the highest number of people in the department, and they require to be consistently shown direction in such a dynamic environment. When it gets tough, pace-setting is also crucial because getting things done is non-negotiable. I have also benefited, in developing my leadership style, from the support I have received from my seniors at Jwaneng Mine. I wouldn’t be where I am without the coaching and support from the Jwaneng Mine leadership and colleagues.

How do you see your career going?
My passion lies in leadership roles and therefore I would like to follow a more people oriented path, into senior leadership. I would eventually like to be the general manager of a big mine such as Jwaneng Mine. Longer term, I hope to be a ‘Cynthia Carroll’ (a former CEO of Anglo American).

What advice do you have for women wanting to enter the mining industry? The industry, even though male dominated, is very exciting. Actually, that’s the interesting thing about it because you are working with people who often underestimate your limits. So exceeding their expectations is not too tough. If you go out there and do your job, results will definitely speak for you.

What interests do you have outside work?
I’m very passionate about developing a ‘girl child’. I’m part of different organisations that mentor young school girls and show them that every discipline is accessible. I also like interacting with people so that I learn different cultures and behaviours.

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