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Employees at Damtshaa Mine in Botswana.

Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders include our shareholders, producer governments, employees, local communities, civil society and intergovernmental organisations, unions, customers and consumers.

Every day and at every level of our business, we engage openly with our stakeholders on key sustainability challenges.

We engage directly on a regular basis with our employees and the trade unions that represent them. In our operations, we talk formally to local communities, and our teams develop detailed community impact assessments to ensure we address the needs and concerns of local people.

We also collaborate with stakeholders on broader issues, such as raising ethical standards or combating corruption. Indeed, our founding role and continued involvement in the Diamond Producers Association, the Kimberley Process, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the UN CEO Water Mandate, along with our broader support for the UN Global Compact, enable us to play an active role across relevant areas.  

Understanding stakeholder interests, and acting on them, provides the bedrock for our efforts to support consumer confidence and be a good neighbour, an effective partner and a sustainable operator.