A selection of special stones (above 10 carats) from Voorspoed Mine in South Africa

Operating ethically builds consumer confidence in our product and our brand, supports our stakeholder relationships and helps us to achieve our business and development goals.

We work hard to embed ethical standards into every part of the diamond industry in partnership with governments, Sightholders, suppliers and contractors. This includes adhering to international codes of practice on conflict diamonds, following anti-corruption procedures and championing the ethical integrity of our people.

Diamond verification instruments developed by the DTC: the DiamondSure, which is used for rapid screening of diamonds for potential synthetics, the DiamondView, which generates fluorescence images from which synthetics can be identified, and the DiamondPLus, which is used to screen diamonds for potential High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) treated diamonds.

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Acting with integrity

  • Conflict diamonds

    We actively support the Kimberley Process that ensures over 99% of the world’s trade in diamonds is conflict free

  • DTC shipment

    Best Practice Principles

    Our Best Practice Prinicples assurance programme ensures consumers can be confident that international ethical, social and environmental standards have been met in the production of De Beers diamonds.

  • Namdeb coloured stones

    Business integrity systems

    We expect our people to act with integrity and 'live up to diamonds' in all that they do. We provide support and guidance to help them do this.