Our Approach

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De Beers’ approach to sustainability is captured in our commitment to ‘living up to diamonds’. Working in this way ensures consumer confidence in the ethical integrity of De Beers diamonds and helps ensure our continued social licence to operate in the countries and communities where our people live and work.

Our commitment to ‘living up to diamonds’ is shaped by two key business imperatives. First, to ensure that consumers can be confident in the ethical integrity of all De Beers' diamonds. Second, to maintain a social licence to operate in the communities in which our people live and work, thus ensuring our continued access to supply.

Protecting consumer confidence requires that our diamonds are mined, processed and sold in line with the highest standards of sustainability and integrity. It also calls on us to continue to push the boundaries of best practice in sustainability, addressing key issues transparently, acting on our commitments and influencing positive behaviour across the diamond value chain – ‘from mine to finger’. Securing and maintaining our social licence to operate means ensuring that our host communities and countries benefit sustainably, on their own terms, from our mining operations.

Accepting responsibility for the proper management of sustainability issues is core to the way we operate as a business. Our sustainability performance is shaped by a set of Principles and governed by a set of policies across our five sustainability issue areas: economics, ethics, employees, communities, and environment. It is delivered through a range of management systems, and by the professional and ethical conduct of our people.

Living up to diamonds

When developing a mine, we plan for what could happen during its productive lifespan and also – because diamonds are a finite resource – we plan for what will happen when the mine inevitably closes. We seek to maximise our positive economic, environmental and social impacts whilst minimising our negative impacts over the life of a mine. Engaging with our stakeholders to develop and improve our management systems; working in partnership; and being open and accountable allow us to manage our sustainability risks and maximise our positive contribution.

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  • Our commitment

    Our commitment to operating in a responsible, accountable and sustainable manner sits at the heart of the De Beers business strategy.

  • Engaging stakeholders

    We engage with stakeholders on an on-going basis at all levels of our business to shape and deliver our sustainability strategy.

  • Managing Sustainability

    Our management approach is focused on compliance and continuous improvement, drawing on consultation and input from our stakeholders across our five sustainability areas.

  • Working in partnership

    We work in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders to improve standards across the diamond industry, meet development goals and deliver research and conservation initiatives.

  • Reporting

    We regularly and transparenty report to our stakeholders on our sustainability performance.

Learn more about our five sustainability issue areas

  • Namdeb Employees on the Sea Walker drill platform.


    Maximising value for producer nations

  • Sorters at HOH, Kimberley


    Protecting the integrity of diamonds

  • Maintenance at Debmarine Namibia.


    Empowering our people

  • Community engagement with First Nations in Canada.


    Supporting sustainable local communities

  • A kudu on the Diamond Route in South Africa.


    Managing our impact throughout the mining process