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We strive to ensure that everyone who comes to work at De Beers is safe and acquires skills and resources to contribute positively to their communities.

We work hard to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, making continuous improvements in the way we manage our business operations to embed a culture of ‘Zero Harm’ – where everyone is responsible for safety and proactive in preventing harm. We’re committed to supporting local talent achieve the highest levels within our business and see diversity as a strength, and to being an employer of choice.

More than 90% of those in management and key roles at Debswana are local citizens.

Learn more about the positive impact that our mining operations have on developing local economies and skills in the communities where we mine.

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Learner Official Tlotlo Bogatsu and Blasting Engineer Keabaitse Moofise near the pit at Orapa Mine, Botswana.

Bringing out the best in our people

  • A sorter in training at the Diamond Academy at Harry Oppenheimer House, Kimberley.

    Fairness, diversity and development

    Attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talented people into a diverse workplace is a key strategy to drive improved business performance.

  • Safety

    We continue to work to embed a workplace culture of Zero Harm.

  • Senior Theatre Sister Fanusca Sibanda prepares a critical patient in one of the four operating theatres in the Orapa Hospital.

    Health and wellbeing

    Integrating a full range of services means we are providing better health and wellbeing support to our employees.