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Diamonds are a finite resource, but we believe that when properly managed our mines can create social and economic benefits that endure beyond their productive lifespan. We begin with the end in mind, working to catalyse economic and social development that lasts beyond the life of our mines.

We work in close partnership with governments and local communities to maximise the life and value of our mines so they can support sustainable development through and beyond their lifespan. We also support the creation of skills and infrastructure for sustained value after the mine closes.

Maximising the Value of Diamonds

  • Contributing to economies

    Working in partnership with host governments we help transform natural resources into shared and lasting national wealth.

  • Debswana technical support exterior.

    People and infrastructure

    Through our operations, preferential local procurement strategies and capital investment we create employment and other economic opportunities for local communities.

  • Foamex Industries is a mid-sized industrial business which was started with seed capital by the Debswana Peo Fund.

    Enterprise development

    We manage investment funds in each of our southern African producer countries to fund and support local small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • The Boteti House Primary School is one of four Debswana owned and operated schools in Orapa.


    We support government strategies for economic diversification by maximising mine revenues and investing in groundwork initiatives.