Delivering good financial returns depends on our ability to effectively address the risks that could affect the sustainability of our business and the societies in which we operate.  In all things, we aim to live up to diamonds by:

  • Delivering financial returns through increasing the demand, finding new supplies, and enhancing our value-added services including sorting and sales
  • Addressing sustainability issues through enhanced relationships with host and partner governments and communities, building consumer confidence and ensuring our activities contribute to the livelihoods of present and future generations
  • Contributing to society in the countries where we work; in particular advancing the vision of growing African prosperity

We aim for transparency, through reporting that meets international benchmarks, so that our stakeholders can judge our activities and performance for themselves. Our combined cycle of reports, covering our owned and managed businesses as well as our joint venture partnerships with governments, represent an A+ application of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.

2012/2013 Performance Documents