Global Sightholder Sales

Diamonds being sorted for presentation at the DTC

Global Sightholder Sales is the primary rough diamond distribution arm of De Beers, and is the world's largest supplier of rough diamonds, by value. 

Global Sightholder Sales sells De Beers’ rough diamond production to De Beers' clients, known as Sightholders - who expertly add value at every stage of the diamond pipeline including dealing and preparing rough diamonds, manufacturing polished diamonds, designing and manufacturing diamond jewellery and selling beautiful pieces at retail.  Global Sightholder Sales also sells  rough diamonds to Industrial Sightholders for use in industry and healthcare.

Our sorting and valuing include:

  • Sightholder Sales South Africa – Kimberley, South Africa
  • DTC Botswana – Gaborone, Botswana (50/50 joint venture with the Government of the Republic of Botswana)
  • Namibia DTC – Windhoek, Namibia (50/50 joint venture with the Government of the Republic of Namibia)

 As part of its operating model, De Beers is focused on delivering on the aspirations of our partners, which means ensuring a return of revenue, skills and social benefit to the citizens of diamond producing countries. 

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