Venetia Diamond Mine Venetia Mine in South Africa, DBCM's largest producer of diamonds

From our mining operations across Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada, De Beers produces approximately 35% of the world's rough diamond supply.

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    Diamonds forged in the furnace of the Earth can be almost as old as the Earth itself. Yet, it takes modern science and sophisticated technology, coupled with traditional mining know-how to recover them. We explore in two stages, each supported by extensive field and laboratory resources.

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    Mining is at the heart of what we do. Our skills and technology, honed by more than 120 years of experience, bring diamonds into the light of day.

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    Rough diamonds are unique, and our approach - to ensure fairness, maintain the highest ethical standards and protect the enduring value of this natural treasure – is derived from more than a century of experience. De Beers is the world's rough diamond distribution leader.

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    De Beers provides consumers with more than a century of expertise and heritage that could only come from the world’s leading diamond company.

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    Chemically and biologically inert, virtually frictionless, the hardest substance on Earth has extreme thermal, electromagnetic, electrical and optical properties that make it suitable for a wide variety of industries and emerging technologies.