Diamonds and Communities

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Making a positive contribution to the communities in which our people live and work is not just part of our approach to operating responsibly and sustainably, it is at the core of how we manage our business. 

Diamonds and Development

De Beers is a company deeply rooted in southern Africa. We have seen how diamonds can contribute to the development of strong and flourishing communities, the building of schools, hospitals and public infrastructure, and help lay the ground work for post-mining economies.

We work in partnership with the governments and citizens of the countries in which our mines are located to support their aspirations for development.  We employ and develop local talent at all levels of our business to build local capacity.  We also source goods and services from local enterprises, and provide support for the development of small to medium size businesses around our operations.  Through our beneficiation activities, we work to support the development of value-adding activities – beyond mining – throughout the diamond value chain. 

‘The aim of this Group is, and will remain, to make profits for our stakeholders, but to do so in such a way as to make a real and lasting contribution to the communities in which we operate.’

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, 1954
Sir Ernest Oppenheimer
The Debswana Peo Fund provided seed capital for Foamex Industries as part of its enterprise development programme.
The Boteti House Primary School is owned and operated by Debswana in Orapa, Botswana.

Living up to diamonds

Operating responsibly sits at the heart of our business strategy. We call this ‘living up to diamonds’.

As well as being the right thing to do, good relations with communities and government partners underpin our ability to find diamonds, and to build and operate mines. 

When someone buys a diamond, he or she expects it to live up to the values it comes to embody in his or her life – purity, beauty, love.  It is our responsibility to ensure a consumer can have full confidence in each diamond we recover. 

We work across the diamond pipeline to raise ethical, social and environmental standards so that consumers can be proud to wear our product.  De Beers, our Sightholders (customers) and our respective significant contractors abide by an ethical code of conduct called the De Beers Best Practice Principles.  Independently audited, this programme covers almost a quarter of a million diamond industry workers in over fifty countries. 

For more information, please download our Best Practice Principles, including a manual and self-assessment workbook, visit the Best Practice Principles page.

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