Our approach

As the world's leading diamond company for more than a century, the De Beers name is synonymous with diamonds. Since 1888, we've been connecting people around the world with one of the earth's natural treasures, helping to create countless memorable moments.

With geographically diverse world-class mining assets, we have the largest diamond resource and reserve position in the world, as well as a value-adding global distribution network and iconic brands that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Working with such an emotive, sensitive and valuable natural resource creates great responsibilities -  to our shareholders, our partners, our customers and to the countries in which we operate, and people everywhere who treasure their diamonds.  That's why living up to the promise of diamonds is core to our business model and guides everything we do.

In sustainable development

We return approximately $3 billion to Africa annually. We endeavour to add value and help create economic growth for all our stakeholders through:

  • Equal partnerships with the people of Botswana and Namibia
  • The transfer of diamond sorting and manufacturing skills to ensure more citizens of the countries in which we operate are involved in adding value to, and deriving value from, their own natural resource
  • The training and hiring of local citizens, in particular for managerial and leadership roles
  • Valuing and protecting the ecosystems in which we work by planning for the closure and environmental rehabilitation of our mines before they are ever built
Boteti House Primary School owned and funded by Debswana
High tech x-ray machines uncover diamonds High tech x-ray machines uncover diamonds

In technological leadership

We recover diamonds from the bottom of the sea, from the beds of ancient rivers, from the bottom of frozen lakes, and from deep within kimberlite pipes. We succeed through:

  • Systematic exploration and analysis
  • Strong diamond mining experience and expertise
  • State-of-the-art diamond processing
  • Uniquely focused diamond technology
  • World leading research and development

In the integrity of diamonds

We have been among the world's leaders in advocating and developing an ethical supply chain in the diamond industry through:

  • Advancement of the Kimberley Process to ensure diamonds are free of the taint of conflict
  • The sale of rough diamonds to only those clients who have met pre-defined financial, performance and ethical standards
  • A code of Best Practice Principles we apply to ourselves, as well as to our suppliers, customers and partners.


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100% of De Beers' diamonds are certified conflict free 100% of De Beers' diamonds are certified conflict free