Where we operate

The De Beers Group of Companies employs approximately 23,000 people in operations that span the entire diamond pipeline, from mine to finger.

Our sales operations are carried out by Global Sightholder Sales and Auction Sales.

Auction Sales, the world's leader in online auctions of rough diamonds, has sales offices in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Global Sightholder Sales, the rough diamond distribution arm of De Beers, includes operations in London and Kimberley, as well as DTC Botswana in Gaborone and Namibia DTC in Windhoek, both are 50/50 joint partnerships with those respective governments.

Together with our joint venture partners, De Beers mines for diamonds across Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada.


Debswana is our 50/50 joint venture with the Government of the Republic of Botswana. It was established in 1968.


De Beers Canada is 100% owned by the De Beers Group. It was established in 1998.


Namdeb Holdings is a 50/50 joint venture with the Government of the Republic of Namibia. It was established in 1994.

South Africa

De Beers Consolidated Mines is a 74/26 partnership with our BEE partner Ponahalo Holdings. It was established in 1888.