In the early stages

We identify areas for exploration by soil sampling and geophysical studies, then we drill to extract materials for examination.

Advanced exploration

To test a discovery’s potential, we look at the spread of tiny diamonds and bulk samples to determine grade and estimate value.


Four types of mining

We use open-pit (the most common), underground (when open-pit becomes uneconomic), marine (on the seabed) and alluvial (rivers).

Processing diamonds

We crush the ore and mix it with a slurry before using the properties of diamonds, such as attraction to grease, to recover them.


Global Sightholder Sales

We sell through 10 ‘Sights’ a year where customers (Sightholders and Accredited Buyers) inspect the rough diamonds before buying.

Auction Sales

We sell around 10 per cent of our rough diamonds, by value, to bidders via online auctions. We’re a world leader in this kind of sale.


Towards a hi-tech future

We invest in research and development to find new ways to maximise the life of our mines and to verify and sort diamonds.

Element Six

Element Six is the world leader in the design, development and production of synthetic diamond materials.



Only one per cent of diamonds are of sufficient quality to fit the Forevermark brand. They are available in more than 2,200 outlets across 25 markets.

De Beers Jewellers

De Beers Jewellers, a part of De Beers Group, was established in 2001. Its first store opened the following year at 50 Old Bond Street, where the UK flagship still remains today.

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