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Victor Extension

Victor is one of 16 diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes in the immediate vicinity of the Victor Mine site and is currently producing some of the most remarkable rough diamonds in the world. All of the previously identified pipes in the cluster are within a 25km radius of the Victor site.

Victor Extension

Since Victor Mine opened in July 2008, De Beers Canada exploration efforts have been focused around extending the resource reserves at Victor Mine. The Victor Mine Extension Project is a proposed open pit diamond mine situated approximately 90 kilometers west of Attawapiskat, Ontario, in the James Bay lowlands.

De Beers has been exploring 19 kimberlites (potentially diamond bearing rock) in the vicinity of Victor Mine, with the intent to locate a resource that could extend the life of the Victor Mine operations. To that end, De Beers has been investigating the viability of the Tango Extension kimberlite, located approximately seven kilometers northwest of Victor Mine.

De Beers is undertaking engineering studies and is pursuing environmental approvals for the development of an open pit diamond mine at the Tango Extension kimberlite, supported by existing Victor Mine infrastructure.

The Victor Mine Extension Project is in the midst of a formal environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA 2012), and will be consulting with local communities and First Nations as part of that process.