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Health & Safety

We are working towards zero harm on safety and health for our people and our communities.

The safety and health of our employees, contractors and surrounding communities are top priorities. We have a fundamental commitment to zero harm.

Occupational health and safety underpins our licence to operate and is closely monitored by key stakeholders, including the Government, trade unions and employees. Their insight helps us to improve.

Mining can be a dangerous operation, with such risks as moving machinery, falling objects, and working at height. So we assess and mitigate every risk. Transport is one of our main safety issues and road safety can be a particular challenge. Accordingly, we work hard to raise awareness in our communities of safety risks on the roads.

Our commitment to zero harm applies equally to health, and we have a long-term commitment to reduce the impact of HIV/Aids and tuberculosis in our workforce and local communities.

We provide free voluntary counselling and testing for all our employees and contractors, and anti-retroviral treatment is given free to all HIV positive employees and their life partners and children. Our emphasis is progressively shifting from treatment to prevention.