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We are committed to preserving the natural world, the source of our diamonds.

Our diamonds are natural products, created over the course of at least a billion years by natural processes. So we are passionate about the natural world, the source of our diamonds, and are committed to the preservation and protection of habitats and species.

For every acre of land used for mining by our company, seven acres are dedicated to the conservation of nature, building thriving ecosystems with healthy populations of native wild animals and plants.

In Botswana, within the boundaries of the Jwaneng mining lease area, there is Jwana Game Park, which measures 15,669 hectares and accommodates about 1,700 animals. The park also hosts a field unit of Cheetah Conservation Botswana.‚Äč In total, almost 180,000 hectares of land around De Beers mines are set aside for conservation.

The Orapa Game Park near the Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines in Botswana is to be increased to four times its current size by 2016, taking the area from its current 12,210 hectares to 48,964 hectares.

The game parks are part of the award-winning Diamond Route, which features 10 conservation sites, supporting local economic development through tourism and education, and promoting biodiversity through active conservation and vital scientific research. 

In recent years, Debswana has invested in a conservation education outreach programme. Environmental clubs have been set up to give young people the skills and resources to look after their future inheritance.