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Our aim is for our activities to add value to the economy and communities of Botswana.

Beneficiation is a central part of the way we do business and fundamental to our commitment to working with our partner, the Government of the Republic of Botswana. It’s all about bringing benefit to the country over and above the value of the diamonds.

It helps create additional employment opportunities, supports Government economic development plans and aids transition to post-mining economies.

A prime example of beneficiation in action is the relocation by De Beers of all its rough diamond sales activity from London to Gaborone, with the first Sight (sale of rough diamonds) taking place in Botswana in November 2013. It was a big step toward establishing Botswana as a major diamond trading country with skills, investment and infrastructure coming together.

Moving activities such as sorting, valuing, cutting and polishing rough diamonds to Botswana creates economic diversification during the life of the country's mines, through expanding employment opportunities and bringing new sources of revenue. It also creates an industry with the ability to survive past mine closure. We seek to develop a skilled and educated workforce, create inward and local investment, and inspire a more entrepreneurial culture.