An African Baobab tree (Adansonia Digitata) typical of those found in the area around Venetia Mine. An African Baobab tree typical of those found in the area around Venetia Mine in South Africa.

The sustainable management of the natural environment is key to the future prosperity of the countries and communities in which we operate. By tackling environmental challenges in partnership with government, NGOs and our communities we can help build sustainable environments wherever we operate.

We believe good environmental stewardship involves avoiding, minimising and mitigating our negative environmental impacts at every stage of the mining lifecycle and maximising our positive environmental contributions. We take an holistic view of environmental management that focuses on biodiversity, energy and climate change, water and waste management, and the relationships that exist between them. Our actions are guided by our environmental Principles and the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Environmental baseline data is gathered as part of the Gahcho Kue Project in Canada’s Northwest Territories.
Environmental monitors inspect revegetated growth on a rehabilitated site near Venetia mine.

Environmental stewardship

  • Namdeb monitor

    Our environmental footprint

    We manage our environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of mines and work in partnership with government and NGOs to innovate and continuously improve our approach.

  • Sea walker platform

    Water and energy

    We take an integrated approach to water and energy management, and have a proactive response to the challenges of water scarcity and climate change.

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    Lifecycle planning

    Through managing specific environmental impacts at every stage of the life of a mine we aim for effective rehabilitation by closure.

  • Eland on the discard dumps at Orapa Mine.


    We act to preserve biodiversity in all aspects of the exploration, project, mining and closure process.

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    Diamond Route

    A partnership initiative to promote biodiversity conservation and local economic development, the Diamond Route is an award-winning, multi-site tourism route stretching along Southern Africa.