A Sightholder inspects his box of diamonds at a DTC Sight

Our Diamond Sales Strategy

Supplier of Choice (SoC) is our sales strategy. It describes both the contract we enter into with our Sightholders, and the open and transparent competitive process through which they apply and qualify. SoC ensures that in every aspect of our business, we are all living up to diamonds.

Through SoC, we build efficient, ethical and value-enhancing channels for our rough diamond distribution.

We only award contracts to those applicants to whom we can offer economically efficient supplies for the duration of the contract, based on:

  • The categories of rough diamonds the business requires
  • Our diamond availability forecasts
  • Competing demands of other applicants
  • Our objective assessment of all applicants against the SoC Criteria

Sightholder Criteria

All SoC applicants must demonstrate good financial standing and reliability, have an excellent business reputation and fully comply with our Best Practice Principles.  In addition, SoC applicants are compared, relative to all other applicants, in terms of their financial performance, technical ability, distribution and marketing ability, market position and business coherence.

The qualifying Sightholders are independently audited to ensure fair comparisons and full compliance with Sightholder criteria.

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